anybody have a good job that didn’t go to college?

By , June 23, 2014

what do you do? how did you get that job? what salary range are you in?

2 Responses to “anybody have a good job that didn’t go to college?”

  1. TR says:

    Well, I’m a college grad but I keep up with job data. Actually you can probably get authoritative answers if you go to your state government’s jobs office and look for their projections for different professions–they should tell you what level of education you’ll need, what the projected demand and salary will be. Note that any good job required education, but not necessarily a college diploma. Some careers that come to my mind are: grocery or restaurant work (a good meat cutter does well), OTR truck driver, skilled trades (electrician, plumber, carpenter), rock-and-roller.

  2. lady justice says:

    Plenty of people have good jobs without going to college…electricians, masons, etc.
    And plenty of people with college degrees are waiting tables.

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