Can I use my american flat iron with a converter in Europe?

By , August 19, 2010

I bought a Hot Tools 3 Barrel Waver from America.
120 VAC, 60Hz and 57 Watts are written on it.

The plug is american, so I cannot use it here in Europe, but I bought
a converter for it, a Dual Wattage International Converter/Adapter set.

IT has LO and HI settings, Lo is used from 0-25Watts and HI 25-1875WAtts.
But it says I should not use it with curling irons which are more than 25Watts.
This is not really a curling iron but the basis is the same. So now I am wondering,
I cannot use it on the HI setting?

Please someone who works as an electrician and is maybe reading this question,
can you help me? I am wondering why I cannot use it, bcs the paper here doesn’t say it.
Just it warns not to use it. BUt I donno why.
I have burnt an american curling iron before, but then I didn’t use a converter/adapter, I
just plugged it into a europen plug or adapter(so basically the electricity stayed the same) and
of course it burnt down. But now I have a converter/adapter and donno why I can’t use it.

Is it bcs of the frequency? or why? Or do you think I can use it?

One Response to “Can I use my american flat iron with a converter in Europe?”

  1. wires says:

    You can use your flat iron with a converter but the converter must be able to handle the wattage of the appliance you want to plug into it. If your flat iron is 57 watts, then set your converter to the higher range as the 25 watt range is too small. You would probably damage the converter on the smaller range. If the converter won’t handle 57 watts on what is called a 1875 watt range, then the converter is not truly a 1875 watt converter.
    If you want to be sure, you can easily and cheaply buy a 400 watt converter and not worry about it.

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