Do you think Alabamas new governor will really do something about the illegal aliens?

By , May 8, 2013

You can go to just about any large mechanical companies (construction) job site and find illegals there. These are good paying jobs that legal americans would love to have. Not to mention it seems to me this is dangerous because most do not speak english.
Its dangerous because there is heavy equipment, high voltage and many other reasons that communication can keep people from being hurt.

7 Responses to “Do you think Alabamas new governor will really do something about the illegal aliens?”

  1. dreamy pollywog logarithm says:

    It is corporations, you are right on that, and not those people themselves. No, nothing will be done because corportations like cheap labor, and you are even one of those RIGHT-TO-WORK states. Corporations rule this country, Mr.I don’t understand though why you say it is dangerous because they don’t speak English.

  2. Rod says:

    I hope Alabama and every other state in the Nation will enact Arizona-like laws. I hope Alabama’s new governor has the courage and strength to stand with Pro-Americans.

    You are correct about the danger to persons, and those around them, who do not speak/read English on a job where this type of equipment is used. Not understanding instructions, not being able to read warnings, etc. has caused MANY accidents. Here in Houston, this scenario is played out and broadcast on the news on a daily basis.

    I won’t even get into the problems with hiring untrained, unskilled, people off the street to perform tasks that should be done by well schooled craftsmen. Texas housing is a joke because of this problem.

  3. Brother_Hesekiel says:

    Immigration is an issue of Federal law, not State law. If a State introduces a law that deals with immigration, like it has been done in Arizona with SB-1070, the Feds will challenge it in court and that’s the end of it.

    But I agree with a previous poster: if they wanted to reduce illegal immigration, all they had to do is impose heavy fines on those who employ them. But the point is, all the big cats benefit from cheap immigrant labor and therefore they do not enforce immigration law as they should.

  4. 45 auto says:

    Jobs we wouldn’t do. What a crock.If he doesn’t than the citizens should be all over him like a cheap suit.It’s up to WE the people to force the laws to be enforced.

  5. Maricopa County says:

    They will try but Obama will sue to keep in the courts for years

  6. Bit of Honey says:

    It all remains to be seen. A lot of incoming governors are talking tough about fixing the illegal migration problem in their states, hopefully it is more than just talk. We’ll see.

  7. Danger Hot says:

    Well in his state of the state speech, he didnt mention anything about illegal immigration, because in NY, almost 30-40% are illegal aliens.

    But I hope he will do it, once their plans doesnt work, because of too much illegal aliens sucking up dry the health budget.

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