Do you think I am really setting myself up for failure in life by attending a trade school ?

By , June 7, 2014

I’m thinking of attending an ITT Technical institute school since i was failing the lowest math class at a community college. I was learning 6th and 7th grade math in college. I want to have a wife and a family of my own in the future. Am i really setting myself up for failure in life ???

10 Responses to “Do you think I am really setting myself up for failure in life by attending a trade school ?”

  1. The Happy Atheist says:

    Wrong section.

  2. cadisneygirl says:

    Some trade jobs make more money than professional jobs and cant be replaced as easily.

  3. Shock Collar says:

    That’s ludicrous. Don’t let anybody tell you that garbage.

    Trade jobs are in high demand and always will be.

    There’s actually a shortage of trade school students.

  4. Caveman says:

    Spiritually speaking, no you are not setting yourself up for failure. Various trades are essential to the life of our society and an honorable tradesman is worth far more than many politicians I could name, but this is the R&S section.

  5. morToo says:

    In Australia plumbers earn around 200000 per anum carpenters eighty to 100000 the list goes on how is that a failure

  6. iPerson says:

    No. only 25% of people have a bach. degree. Everyone else either went to trade school, got an associates and left, or went straight into work. It’s not going to kill you.

  7. MSB says:

    Heck no, I think you are doing yourself a tremendous favor.

    College is not for everyone and it doesn’t benefit everyone; it’s only going to benefit those who actually get something out of it. If you are not cut out for or interested in formal higher education, that doesn’t mean you aren’t smart.

    I know plenty of people who went to college just because, basically, they were “convinced” that it was the best option. They could get financial aid to pay for it so they didn’t have to work for it… they never did that well in school so they didn’t do that well in college… they graduated and have crappy jobs anyway.

    Some of them ended up going to trade school anyway, after college, to get a more marketable skill.

    The key is to be motivated to do something; get a marketable skill in a specialized area, plan ahead, work hard and have a good work ethic and you will do well.

  8. Daniel says:

    if you work hard at anything in life you’ll make money. wifes will come naturally

  9. Carl says:

    No, you will learn skills which will stay with you for the rest of your life, also family and friends will be able to call on you for practical help.
    I can’t help you with the wife or family though.
    Math is not the be all and all to life – Jesus is.

    Hey, I’m a Christian, I had to glorify my Lord – It’s what us Christians do.

  10. nolan says:

    Part of the reason that so many of our jobs have gone overseas is because of a shortage of experts in engineering and other related trade occupations. Many of the Tech jobs in the U.S. are taken by foreigners who were trained at American Trade and Technology schools because so many have opted for the traditional university education with an emphasis in business, law, political science, economics and teaching. So what we really need is more people with specific technical and trade school education. In the future your going to find many students graduating college with no place to go because the market place is over saturated with people just like themselves. So no, I do not think your setting yourself up for failure, rather I think you have a keen insight to what the job trends of the future will look like. Good luck, and God Bless you in your pursuit of happiness.

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