Going Green….electricity??

By , November 12, 2010

I am sure this is going to sound really stupid, but I have a question about the “going green” thing, what difference does it really make, if any, to unplug things that are not in use? For instance, my toaster, it’s not doing anything, so why unplug it? I just don’t understand this, I would like to. So if someone could please make sense of this whole thing of unplugging things that are not in use, I would appreciate it. It would help me base my thoughts and actions on what to do. Thanks to everyone for answering. God bless

3 Responses to “Going Green….electricity??”

  1. bimmer says:

    I think it is a figure of speach meaning, don’t use it. sometimes though, things that consume power like your TV will always be using a small amount of electricity. have you ever noticed a small red or green light on the side or the bottom? every little bit can make a huge difference. if you don’t use an appliance for more than a week, it is just better to leave it unplugged.

  2. Chandramohan P.R says:

    Most remote controlled equipments kept ready for remote operation consume a little power. So you can control from your chair or sofa. If you unplug or switch at source,this consumption can be saved. Eventhough this may be very small,when considering thousands of homes,it will save electricity and reduce green houses gases and global warming!
    I think this is your doubt.

  3. marci knows best says:

    Not a dumb question at all. You only need to unplug things that use the evil black cubes. They use a constant but small amount of electricity.http://www.enviroharvest.ca/phantom_load…

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