heavy/ construction equipment/ operator’s ???? how do i get started?

By , June 22, 2014

okay im wondering what the job outlook for construction/heavy machine operators is…i want to get into a local union for this and im willing to go to school/training program for it. ever sence i was a kid ive been fasinated by these machines and in a sence always wanted to work with them…my question is how hard is it to get into these union’s and whats the outlook for the future….please serious answers only …dont redirect to to a site ive searched for hours and hours and came up with many different answers….i want to kno pay, oppurtunities, longly hood, and just the basics as how to get started in this carrer???? thanks much……

2 Responses to “heavy/ construction equipment/ operator’s ???? how do i get started?”

  1. WallBaker says:

    The first thing I would do is to go to a construction site and talk to one of the guys that do what you want to do. Buy him or her dinner or something.

    Find out what union they belong to and call them. Most unions have apprentice programs.

    Between the guys doing it and the union, you should get some idea of how to do this.

  2. SAWGIRL says:

    I don’t know where you live so I can’t direct you to a specific place. but you should contact a vocational school in your area or a tech school they have courses that are about 8 weeks long that will teach you the basics. then you can contact a company that is in that business and you may be able to get a job and they will teach you as you work. as for a union I don’t think there is one for that area and you can start with a small machine and work your way up.

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