How can one live really cheaply other than going to jail?

By , November 13, 2013

I want to find out how to live super-duper cheaply. I’m pretty low on debt, so that’s not a big deal. My real estate pretty much pays for itself, but I want to live as cheaply as possible to invest more of both my rents and the money I work online for. Location, including nation, is NOT an issue. I am not open to going back to jail as a way of living cheaply, but other than that I am good.

I wish to have electricity, indoor plumbing and Internet available, at least in a local cafe setting. I am not particular on space requirements (I’m 6’1 and have a 34″ waist, so that’s about all the sleeping space I need) and I don’t care about luxuries. I also don’t especially care about a fancy place for “getting laid,” as I’ve had enough lovers for one lifetime and am bored with sex.

Where can I live like a psycho-Scrooge? Thanks everybody!
My monthly expenses for housing — my small mortgage, property taxes, insurance and utilities — is 0. I want to get the amount I pay for housing under if I can, or at least lower than what it is. I like CHEAP.

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  1. Saga says:

    Karachi, Pakistan was the cheapest major city worldwide in 2011 but don’t count on living very long over there is you are from America.
    In the US… Manchester, New Hampshire is still one of the cheapest major cities but if you don’t care for the cold I highly recommend not packing your bags and heading there.

    Why not just make your house green by utilizing rain water for your toilet and laundry minimizing the use of the city water. Toss up some solar panels, Water Mill if you have a creek or river on your land, or even a wind mill to reduce electricity cost, and toss up sky lights throughout your whole house to make use of natural light rather than artificial. I realize this will cost a bit to get there but in the long run it pays for itself.

  2. Amy says:

    Buy a cheap home, 3 bedroom. Rent out two of the rooms to cover all expenses plus groceries. For example mortgage, taxes and insurance comes to 400 a month. Rent each bedroom to include electric and cable for 600 to 650 a month. 2 times 600 = 1200 – 700 for mortgage and utilities= 500 a month profit. Now every morning go to your restaurant job. Be sure to eat there. At night go to University for a real degree. No ethnic studies or communications. Do that for 8 years. Get a job as say an engineer and make more money. Or become a Doctor and make even more money.
    When you make 150 thousand a year. Built a self sufficient organic farm. Buy guns and then you can start having sex again with someone besides yourself

  3. icpooreman says:

    Being frugal is good but there is a point where that can only get you so far.

    If you’re living for under 1k a month in total expenses at this point it probably doesn’t make a ton of sense to keep pushing frugality since you’re near the bottom of living costs. Instead it may be time to look at the income side of the ledger. You need less than 12k per year to live. If you can make 30-50k per year in not very long you’ll be earning more in interest on savings than what you have in expenses and you can retire.

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