How Do You Become A Professional Electrician?

By , November 11, 2010

Ok so I am trying to find information for a friend on special trainings to become an electrician. He has been out of school for a while and he is kind of in a stump because he does not want to go back to school long term and he would prefer to do some type of training. He is very hands-on so I figure an electrician would suit him well. What does a person have to do to become an electrician? Any special programs? Any recommendations? How long does it take to become certified? Any help would be greatly appreciated…

3 Responses to “How Do You Become A Professional Electrician?”

  1. hellothe says:

    K well being an electrician is a very good trade my brother is one and i worked for him when i got out of high school for a bit. What i would suggest is for him to a get a good book to read like American Electricians’ Handbook (you can get this at amazon). The best way to learn is to look up an electrical contractor in the yellow pages and call them up and see if they need any help he might get lucky and learn from a pro like i did. Well i hope that helps.

  2. audone17 says:

    you can get an apprenticeship at a union electrician shop.

  3. private says:

    Learn “righty tighty” and “lefty lucy” and get back in school.
    Electricians have to be tested and licensed by the state.
    I don’t want someone doing any electrical an my house that
    is not qualified, so study hard on the “math”.

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