NYC, NJ, and Long Island plumbing and electrical licensing?

By , June 23, 2014

I am thinking of starting a residential maintenance business and I am looking into things like how the licensing requirements vary from area to area. I know that you need to be registered inside the state or county to be able to perform work. How do I get a license for plumbing and electric in NYC, NJ, and Long Island?

What type of construction work can I do without these licenses? For example, do I need to have a plumbers license to change a water heater? Do I need a electrical license to fix or move an outlet? Are permits required for these types of jobs?


2 Responses to “NYC, NJ, and Long Island plumbing and electrical licensing?”

  1. Irv S says:

    You’d need licensing in both Plumbing and Electrical work in both States, and a separate NYC license as well.
    City Code differs, (stricter), from State Code.
    You will need ‘Master’ certificates in both trades.
    IIRC you need experience to get them.

  2. Jim W says:

    Ask at the local license departments and the state L&I for the requirements for each of those licenses. You will get an awareness of the business requirements for each of those areas and the penalties involved if you do without the licenses.

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