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Wiring Repair, 1999 Toyota Corolla LE?

I’m asking this since I’m not sure if my repair guy is being honest with me or not:
When I tried to start my car on Saturday, the starter kept making noise like it was trying to start the car. According to the repair place, this starter kept requesting power from the battery and eventually 1)killed the battery and 2)melted all the wiring in my car. He says the repair cost will be over ,000. To say that I can’t afford that is an understatement.

He says that I need a “wiring harness” and that such a harness costs 0. I’m checking around online to see what he’s talking about, but I don’t see any wiring parts that cost anywhere near that much. Am I being tricked, or should I simply resign myself to a summer of working 3 jobs?

heavy/ construction equipment/ operator’s ???? how do i get started?

okay im wondering what the job outlook for construction/heavy machine operators is…i want to get into a local union for this and im willing to go to school/training program for it. ever sence i was a kid ive been fasinated by these machines and in a sence always wanted to work with them…my question is how hard is it to get into these union’s and whats the outlook for the future….please serious answers only …dont redirect to to a site ive searched for hours and hours and came up with many different answers….i want to kno pay, oppurtunities, longly hood, and just the basics as how to get started in this carrer???? thanks much……

How should nuclear power be expanded throughout the U.S.?

Build more plants is obvious. But what is the most efficient way to do so?
Except downsides that effect the expansion efficiency

hello i need help with wire size for a dryer the distance from the electrical panel to the dryer is about 120?

what type of wire should i use ??? and breaker size

Why do many girls hate the subject mathematics from primary school level?

what should i be looking for in solar panels?

i am building a cheap home soon and i want it to be able to be self sufficient as in collect its water has solar energy and so on and so forth essentially a off the grid house though i intend to sell extra energy to the electrical company

so i am wondering what kind of solar panels should i be looking for what do i need for them as in for one person how many battery’s do i need every thing will be electric stove heater water heater so on so forth i don’t know how much energy i use regularly but i have to say its a fair assumption to say that its allot as my job is computer based so the computer is almost all ways on and some times even more than one is running plus tv and all that good stuff so what kind of things should i be looking for in a solar panel and what kind of electrical storage unit should i get also how much do you think it will cost

shadow lines on tv running horizontal?

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