Static Electricity – I keep getting shocked in my house when I touch almost anything especially light switches

By , March 18, 2012

I am not sure what is up with my house, but everyone that comes over gets shocked like 500 times when they touch stuff. Usually when I turn on a light or plug something in, I get zapped but even if I just get up and touch something like metal, I get zapped as well. Someone said my house is not grounded, but does that make any sense. Any ideas what could be causing this. It’s not just my carpeted rooms either.

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  1. Jeff says:

    You probably have some sort of forced air heating, IE a blower pushes hot air out of vents. The heating and recirculating of the air dries it out. You can resolve it several ways. You can put a humidifier or two in your house or if you can place a bowl of water near the air outlets it will work also. Also not wearing shoes or socks will help, seriously, the static can’t build up as much with your bare feet exposed to the ground!

  2. denayr says:

    You have very dry air if you are getting stactic shocks that much. Im suprised you are not getting nose bleeds or other problems. You need some humidity. However, if you are getting these shocks in the summer time with the humidity up and only from touching electrical appliances and such, you have a serious problem and it could have something to do with the grounding. I dont know where you live, but a number of old house only used the water pipes as the ground and then people either put in plastic piping or whole house filter systems and broke the ground. You may want to investigate this in your case.

  3. Sonny says:

    Static electricity. Your house is too dry. Go down to your WalMart, etc and buy a humidifier and use it during the winter months. They’re cheap and worth the comfort. You can also use it to introduce scents into your rooms. re: vanilla, cinnamon, mint, rose, etc..

  4. sensible_man says:

    Home humidity levels under 30% can cause this. It also will cause wood furniture to crack and your nasal passages to dry out and cause itchy nose. You need to add some moisture to your homes air.

  5. rudolphmcmillan says:

    check the vent on your dryer

  6. Nightrider says:

    Seeing how it is winter time when your question is posted, I definetely agree you have a serious lack of moisture. A home needs 30 to 40% humidity. Less than 30% and you will dry out furniture and rugs, dry out your sinuses ( bad nosebleeds) and have huge static electricity charges. Yes, you can place a humidifier somewhere in the house, but I would recommend a more permanent repair here. Look into an after market furnace humidifier such as AprilAire. They attach directly to the plenum chamber of the furnace and are fully adjustable for your humidity levels. Cost runs about $250 for the unit and if you are somewhat handy, you can install it yourself in an afternoon. One of the best side benefits of this type of system is that moist air warms you better than a dry air, so you will actually make the cost of the unit back quickly in what you will save in your heating costs. I hope you have found this somewhat useful.

  7. mobildik says:

    Buy a good qualiity humidifier (Aprilaire) and have it installed on your furnace.
    Your house is extremely dry causing all the static. Call a HVAC company for assistance and pricing.

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