What exactly is a “Green Job”? Do they really exist?

By , June 4, 2014

About the only “green job” I can think of is being an Amish farmer. No electricity, no fuel-burning equipment, no artificial fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.

I suppose you could consider a job walking through the park picking up garbage as a “green job” unless you drive the trash collected to a recycling center. Even if you used an electric powered vehicle there would still be pollution from producing the electricity needed to charge it. If the electricity was from wind power or solar power it still wouldn’t be truly “green” because windmills and solar collectors have to be manufactured and manufacturing causes pollution.

So someone enlighten me as to what a “green job” is.

One Response to “What exactly is a “Green Job”? Do they really exist?”

  1. Nata T says:

    or disgrace of a Green Czar was working on a definition, but his communistic mind couldn’t define it.

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