Wiring Repair, 1999 Toyota Corolla LE?

By , June 22, 2014

I’m asking this since I’m not sure if my repair guy is being honest with me or not:
When I tried to start my car on Saturday, the starter kept making noise like it was trying to start the car. According to the repair place, this starter kept requesting power from the battery and eventually 1)killed the battery and 2)melted all the wiring in my car. He says the repair cost will be over ,000. To say that I can’t afford that is an understatement.

He says that I need a “wiring harness” and that such a harness costs 0. I’m checking around online to see what he’s talking about, but I don’t see any wiring parts that cost anywhere near that much. Am I being tricked, or should I simply resign myself to a summer of working 3 jobs?

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  1. beth says:

    I would get a second opinion. There are fuses to protect against that type of thing. Did someone try to jump it incorrectly?

    A wiring harness would cost that much and they are only available from the dealer but they usually can be repaired by just fixing or replacing the starter wiring. Have another shop look at, preferably an auto electrical shop.

  2. Bruce G says:

    I’m not familiar with the wiring arrangement on your vehicle, but if there were a short circuit in the starting system you could definitely cause significant damage to the vehicle’s wiring harness. $600 for the harness itself is not outrageous if it involves any main engine compartment wiring harness. This would be a dealer only item as well, there aren’t going to be any aftermarket sources (beyond a junkyard- and the quality of the harness is likely to be questionable). I would ask why the labor charge is so high, again I’m not stating it is unreasonable, just ask what is involved in replacing the harness. It could require some significant disassembly to enable removal and installation of the harness.

  3. wildmanny2 says:

    It’s no wonder you’re asking for advice on this,you have a real problem here.
    I work on cars for a living and have never seen a dead battery or bad starter wipe out the wiring to that degree.If it’s really as bad as described,the only way that could happen is if the battery was connected backward,or the battery charger.
    No one knows the situation with the shop as well as you,but I sense something went wrong there and they haven’t admitted that there was a mistake,just my opinion.
    The wiring harness can be purchased used from a salvage yard. Try http://car-part.com
    I wouldn’t go any further with this situation until all options have been discovered,it could only get worse.

    After thinking about this,there is no doubt in my mind that it was jumpered backward.It’s likely that other things were damaged because of it,like the computer,radio,anything electronic.This is a candidate for someone’s insurance company.

  4. rte6620012001 says:

    i would get a second opinion first. i would think their estimate would be close. remember they charge 65 dollars or more per hour and they have to take it all out then put it back in . how long would it take you or me.

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